Викинг Вик

Vic the Viking
Сериал Викинг Вик


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Страна Австралия
Жанры Приключения, Детский
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Длительность серии 15
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Son of Halvar, the Viking chief, Vic often accompanies his father and his men on their high-sea adventures. But more often than not, they find themselves confronting unexpected dangers and their first reaction to trouble, is to use brute strength. It's a good thing Vic is along to save the day! Though pint-size and lacking in muscle, Vic largely makes up for it with his cleverness, bravery and team spirit. When it comes to getting his friends out of a tight spot, he'll take on any danger, no matter how big. And he does it with humor, a ton of imagination and a keen sense of solidarity. 

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