The Amazing Race Asia — s02e07 — Did That Hit Your Head?
Длительность: 43 мин.
Даты выхода: 03.01.2008 03.01.2008 12:00
Всего просмотров: 7 41.18%
s02e03 - I Don't Think I Wanna Be Rich
s02e04 - It's a Really Tough Way to End
s02e05 - Sometimes It's Right in Your Face
s02e06 - We Choose to Yield Magnum P.I.
s02e07 - Did That Hit Your Head?
s02e08 - Can You Send Them to Spain
s02e09 - So We're Going to the Pit Stop?
s02e10 - Apparently Driving Like a Looney Over Here is Fine for Them
s02e11 - This is Embarrassing, There's a Guy Running Faster Than Us

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