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16 мая 2018, 03:34
In a world where cities are vast and filled with strangers, our only refuge is in the people we know. Those people in our lives who share our ideals, our values, our sense of humour. How wonderful to be able to count on that familiarity and knowing we are not alone.

И очень интересный разговор был у Эрики с дедушкой, что он не может воспитывать их как он хотел бы, но что отец воспитывает их так, как сам считает нужным (а то ведь в жизни часто бывает, что именно бабушки-дедушки начинают вмешиваться в воспитание ребенка, наплевав на мнение родителей этого самого ребенка).

E: You can't expect people to be like you: you are not your patient...
T: We tend, Erica, all of us, to see the world through the prism of our own reflection. And we assume, without even thinking, that people are just like us. <...> When the people we are cared about let us down, when they dissapoint us, we have troubles seeing that we are holding them to the impossible standards.
E: You are not your patient, but at the same time...
T: You are your patient.
E: The lessons - they're two sides of the same coin. It's about finding the balance.
T: That's right. And if you can find that balance, Erica, you will make a great doctor.

They say, relationships are everything, they are glue that binds us together, bringing joy and pain in equal measure. And it can be hard to navigate the differences, to be compassionate and forgiving, and gentle with each other.

Хорошо, что она помирилась с Дженни. И даже с "Брулианной" разобралась))

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