Сериал Rat Bastards


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Даты выхода: 01.08.2012 — 21.08.2012
Страна: US
Канал: SPIKE
Смотрящих: 2 из 769 754
Общая длительность: 2 hours 12 minutes
Длительность серии: 22 мин.
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Deep in Louisiana, six "Swamp Commandos" wage an epic war against giant, 30 pound swamp rats that are eating the land out from under the Gulf Coast's forests, farms and homes. Each battle is an example of bayou ingenuity at its best as these American patriots use dynamite, night vision, Molotov cocktails and questionable tactics passed down for generations to outwit the monster rodents, save their homeland and earn thousands of dollars a day in the process.

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