Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2


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Страна: Индия
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Длительность серии: 22
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The show commences with Gopi Modi, who worships Lord Krishna with her whole family and simultaneously misses her first husband, Ahem, who was revealed to be dead earlier. The dominant matriarch of the Modi household, Kokila Modi, then decides to visit her long-lost brother with her family, Praful Desai who resides in Desai mansion in Surat. The Desais comprise of Praful and his wife Jamuna, his brother Paresh, his sons Pankaj, Chetan and Anant, his daughters Hiral and Tia, his son-in-law Sapan Kumar, his daughters-in-law Kanak and Hema, and his grandchildren Piyush, Saachi and Tannu. Also, a part of the household is the sweet and kind-hearted maid, Gehna who was taken in by the family after her father sacrificed himself while saving Praful's life. Even though Praful and Jamuna treat Gehna as their daughter, the rest of the Desais consider her a nuisance and a useless servant. Five years ago, in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, Kokila lost her beloved son Ahem and Kokila's daughter-in-law, Gopi remarried Ahem's lookalike, Jaggi. Soon, it is revealed that Ahem survived the accident as he was rescued by Gehna. It was also revealed that he had lost his memory. Gehna and Anant along with Kokila and Gopi help revive Ahem's lost memory and reunite the Modis with Ahem. Later, the Modis say goodbye and return to Rajkot. On the same night, Hema's cunning and outrageous brother, Sagar attempts to molest Gehna, and Anant witnesses the same and thrashes Sagar.

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