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Страна: Россия
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Maria Danilova lives happily: her loving husband Igor supports her in everything, her six-year-old daughter Olesya grows up. Maria owns a large building in the city center, which contains a beauty salon. She inherited the building from her father. Igor is on the verge of bankruptcy: this year his company failed to win the tender for the first time, the goods were purchased and it is impossible to sell them. In addition, Igor owed a large sum of money to the usurer Kornilov. Igor asks Mary to sell the cabin and help him, but Mary, eve learns that Igor is cheating on her, refuses to help her husband. Mary has no relatives except her second cousin Tamara, with whom she is very close. Maria complains to her husband over a glass of wine, and suddenly falls asleep.

Waking up, finds himself on the floor, next to a pool of blood. The investigation accuses Maria of killing her husband, and soon found a body that can not be identified. All the evidence indicates that this body belongs to Igor Danilov. The only person who is not sure of her fault is the operative Vyacheslav Kulikov, but soon under strange circumstances he gets into an accident...

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