Длительность: 24 мин.
Даты выхода: 20.08.199720.08.1997 04:00
Всего просмотров: 533.33%
s01e04 - Beyond Practice! I Found You Divided!
s01e05 - Rise Up, Friends! Forbidden Motion
s01e06 - Uneasiness? Can't Ignore The One Playing Truant
s01e07 - A Challenge To Group Dating! Friends In A Cold Country?
s01e08 - Mysteriuos Excitement! Conquering Lovers?
s01e09 - Seems Like A Present, Looks Like A Necklace.
s01e10 - The Stage Is Torn Apart, Past And Future Lead To Love.
s01e11 - Hot And Cold Misunderstandings? No Love Scenes Allowed!
s01e12 - Where's The Heart Going? Hitomi's Coming To You!

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